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"Experience suggests that it is important to preserve access to the full range of inhalation therapies to allow patients and prescribers the widest choice of treatment.  This is particularly important given the individualistic nature of asthma and COPD and the myriad of factors influencing choice of the appropriate treatment regimen for patients with these complex, idiosyncratic disease.  In addition, any reduction in the manufacture of HFC-based inhalers in the developed world threatens future supply in the developing world."


JDA, Choice in Inhalation Therapy, p. 58, 2004 PJB Publications Ltd., UK – JDA 33.

IPAC celebrates with the Montreal Protocol Parties on the 30th Anniversary of playing a critical role in caring for human health and the environment and their unwavering continued commitment to the planet.

IPAC-RS was formed as part of the International Pharmaceutical Aerosol Consortium (IPAC) in 1999 and established in 2001 as a separate Consortium, with the mission to enhance the quality and availability to patients of orally inhaled and nasal drug products (OINDP) through scientifically driven advancements related to development and regulation of these products.

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