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Continuous innovation in inhaled therapies and devices will provide patients with options that balance clinical needs with environmental sustainability. 

IPAC member companies, together with companies across the supply chain, are investing significant resources to innovate their products in order to meet the therapeutic needs of patients, while keeping the environmental impact and global warming potential of inhaled therapies front of mind.

Manufacturers of inhaled products continue to invest in new technologies, including next generation propellants, which will be near net “carbon zero.” 


IPAC is working with global organisations and international governments in order to improve the impact of inhaled devices on the environment. 

Click here to see the resources IPAC provides, demonstrating the ongoing work we are doing to better the environment.

The consortium recognises the environmental impact of certain devices but believes the environmental impact of propellants in inhaled therapies is a short-to-medium-term issue that will be addressed if innovation is adequately supported.  As such, any steps to reduce the carbon impact should be proportional and appropriate.  

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